Most Spectacular Religious Places in Mumbai- a Must Go!

by admin on September 4, 2013

Mumbai, the city full of life, is a huge yet beautiful city of Maharashtra, India which is a perfect paradigm of ethnicity and traditions meeting modernization and sophistication. The city houses a plethora of amazing and spectacular places to be including temples, churches, mosques, beaches, parks, monuments etc. No matter how modern and fast the city grows, its people still enjoy living under the benevolent roof of divine places. There are many holy places here which are not only known for their religious aspect but also for their beauty. So here we are with a list of few most spectacular religious places in Mumbai which are a must go if you are in the city.

Mumba Devi Temple is a beautiful shrine temple of Goddess Mumba. The Goddess is worshiped as the patron God of Koli Fishermen, who were the first inhabitants of the city. The temple is located in Bhulaeshwar, the southern part of Mumbai and is one of the famous temples here.

Mount Mary Church is believed to be the oldest building of Mumbai which was built around 1640. The church is sited in West Bandra, near Hill Road. It is also believed that this places was destructed and re-constructed in 1761, though it is just one story among many associated with this holy place.

Hazi Ali is one of the most divine and spectacular monuments built into the sea in Central Mumbai. The mosque and the tomb both were created in the early 19th century by the devotees. It stretched up to 500 yards in the sea and one can visit it only in low tide. The structure is richly designed and decorated, offering a perfect Arabian treat to its visitors. The amazing sculpture and wonderful location of this monument has been attracting hundreds of people every year to its door steps. The rocks get exposed in low tide where one can sit and enjoy the beauty of city with cool breeze and music of water all around. The visitors not only comprises of Muslims but people from all religions!

Mahalaxmi Temple is sited in northern part of Malabar Hill and is one of the oldest temples of Mumbai dedicated to three Hindu Goddesses- Mahakali, Maha Saraswathi and Mahalaxmi. It is located 7.2 km outside the main city and is visited by thousands of devotees and tourists all the year round.

Afghan Church is distanced 4.5 km from the main city and is situated in the southern part of the city in Colaba Island. The entrance of the church is magnificent with a big black board where it is written that the Anglican Church is devoted to St. John the Evangelist. It is beautiful in structure and have impressive stained-glass window work.

These religious spots denote the religious sentiments of the people of Mumbai. We offer complete tour to these and many other places of the city along with a perfect driver-cum-guide to take you round this magical city. So hire a car in mumbai with us and enjoy traveling in Mumbai!

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