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by admin on May 17, 2013

Pune is located south-west of Mumbai at around 153 kilometers. A regular ride will take approximately two and a half hours. Getting there with our car rental service is the right choice, and this article will explain you why.

About Pune

First off, let’s start with a bit of information about the city of Pune. Pune, nicknamed the Oxford of the East, is the cultural capital of Maharashtra, and a city whose future will most likely be as interesting and thrilling as its history. Pune is the center of traditional Marathi culture, has one of the oldest universities in India, and the numerous colleges attract, year after year, both Indian and international students.

Pune is also a cosmopolitan city and one of the important commercial centers of India. Nevertheless, Pune retains the old-world characteristics, like the omnipresent old-fashioned rickshaws, the cyclists or the legendary siesta hour. Visiting Pune is an absolute must if you are on vacation in India and want to learn more about the local culture.

Other means of transportation from Mumbai to Pune are unreliable

The main reason why you shouldn’t take the train from Mumbai to Pune is that they are slow. The first train in the morning leaves from Mumbai to Pune at 6:58 AM. If you arrive to the airport from Europe, it will likely be shortly after midnight. To catch the first train, you will have to spend many hours in the airport, or book a night at a hotel.

A regular train ride from Mumbai to Pune will take upwards of 3:15 hours. And you might have already heard about how reliable (or rather not…) trains in India are. If this is your first time in India, a long train ride might spoil all the fun. Don’t take the train, unless you are on a (really) shoestring budget.

Once you get to Pune by train, you will have to take a cab from the train station to your hotel. This isn’t the easiest task if you aren’t from around the place – there are many sharks who will be more than willing to rip you off your hard-earned money, and do it with a smile on their faces.

The only reliable way to get from Mumbai to Pune is with a car rental. And we have already told you why our service is the best.

The Mumbai – Pune Expy

The Mumbai to Pune Expressway is India’s first six-lane high-speed road that was built specifically to connect the two cities. It is a tolled road, and fees range from 165 INR (approx. US$3.00) for small cars to 1,750 INR (approx. US$32) for large trucks one way. When driving from Mumbai to Pune, toll is collected at Khalapur, and at Talegaon on the way back.

If you are going to drive unattended between Mumbai and Pune (i.e. not using our fine services), then you should know that you should never, under any circumstances, pick up hitchhikers. One of the very few threats of the Expy is that a hitchhiker that poses as an innocent person with a genuine problem will get into your car, then rob you. You will end up without your money, your cell phone, your papers, and probably even your car.

Car types available for rental

Given that the Mumbai to Pune route is among our most popular demands for transportation, all of our car models are available for rent. Mahindra Xylo, Toyota Innova, Maruti Dzire, Toyota Etios, Honda City, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry can be booked for your ride. Keep in mind, though, that there are some availability constraints, so make sure you make a reservation well in advance if you want to be sure that you will ride in your preferred car.

Approx Charges for car rental from mumbai to pune – ( one day trip)

Swift Dzire/Toyota Etios Ac – Rs.4400/- inr

Toyota Innova AC – 5200/-inr

Toyota Corolla Altis AC – 10,500/- inr

Honda Accord AC – 16,500/-


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We will soon introduce a new range of luxury cars, for our most pretentious customers. In the next couple of months, you will be able to order a Mercedes S350, a BMW 7 Series or a BMW 5 Series. Subscribe to our blog RSS feed if you want to keep in touch with our news.

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